In the school to work mentorship program students will be focusing being exposed to a specific career while working closely with a mentor who presently works within their interest field. Students engaged in the mentorship will participate in this experience off of school grounds at an agreed location during school hours. Students will work with the work based learning coordinator prior to starting the mentorship by setting up learning goals and outcomes to be obtained in the mentorship program. Majority of the content will be administered in an online format. In the online format students will be required to complete weekly reflections about their experiences within the mentorship and how they relate to their designated goals. The work based learning coordinator will meet with students on a regular basis during the experience to discuss progress towards goals along with talking to their off-site mentor. At the conclusion of the mentorship the student will be required to write a paper reflecting on their overall experience and its potential impact on their career choices. This course earns ½ credit and it strictly a Pass/Fail course.

Prerequisite: Students must compete and application for admission into the school to work mentorship program. In order for an application to reviewed, students must be a senior, have at least a 3.0 GPA, and be on track to graduate, have excellent attendance,  be self-motivated, and already have a mentorship opportunity set up for themselves. Final approval for admission into program is by work based learning coordinator.